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Allow me to introduce myself :

My name is Toon van Baalen.
I live in Eindhoven, Holland, and a few years ago I have been infected with an oldtimer “virus”. This resulted in the purchase of an MGB, built in 1971, which I bought in England. This MGB has been restorated and re-assembled by yours truly, over a few years after the purchase up to a mint level. In this MGB me and my misses have enjoyed a lot of kilometers, in the Netherlands but also abroad, mostly in the UK and England, where of course the MG
roots lie.

The “virus” pursved and after a while, a 1956, MGA 1500, was bought. This MGA, imported from the USA, was in original state, and in fair condition, but nevertheless a total “body-off” restoration was necessary. A new challenge..........henceforth it has become a “more year plan” bound to reach a stunning top quality result. The progress chronologically can be seen on the pictures shown on this Web-page.
Totally taken by the “virus”, I purchased a 1964, TRIUMPH TR4. This car was also bought in the USA. It was in very good condition and radical restorations weren’t necessary, however, infected as I was, I decided to take up the tools and improve some things.......
At the end of 2003 I got the oppertunity to buy a WOLSELEY 16/60, built in 1967. This one was bought in New Zealand and was in absolute mint condition. Pure and uniquely original, without ever having been subject to restoration or (tooling) wrenching. I couldn’t resist the “virus” and it didn’t take an overnight sleep to decide to buy this marvelous car. On my site you will find details concerning the restorations on both the MG’s, as well as the TRIUMPH TR4 and the WOLSELEY 16/60. Of course these details are accompanied by a lot of pictures, providing a clear and understandible view of the restoring process on all the vehicles. Up to this day I haven’t yet been cured of the “virus”...........
I hope you will experience visiting my site as a pleasure, and would love to get some feedback, reactions are more than welcome ! (a.vanbaalen@chello.nl)

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